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Nationally Consistent Collection of Data for Students With a Disability (NCCD)

28 Jun 2019

This term the learning support team will be using our school data to provide the required NCCD information to the department.

The Nationally consistent approach to data collection provides all Australian Schools, education authorities and the community with a clear picture of the number of students with a disability in schools and the adjustments they are provided to enable them to participate in education on the same basis as other students.

The Australian Education Regulation requires all schools to provide information to the Australian Government Department of education and training for the purpose of the NCCD. The information includes:

•The student’s level of education

•The student’s category of disability (ie. Physical, cognitive, sensory, or social/emotional)

•The student’s level of adjustment (ie. Support provided within quality differentiated teaching practice, supplementary, substantial or extensive adjustment)

The information will NOT identify individual students.

For Further information about the collection, use or disclosure of the information for the NCCD please contact