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2021 Kindergarten

Kindergarten 2021

Berry Public School is looking forward to welcoming 2021 Kindergarten students and their families to our wonderful school and we enjoy getting to know you all  throughout our orientation program.

This year due to COVID-19, new guidelines have been set out this week by the NSW Department of Education which stipulates non-essential visitors are not allowed onsite. We are working towards alternative ways for children and families to still be part of an orientation program to help transition children into Kindergarten in a positive way.

The usual school tours and parent information sessions are cancelled and will not be rescheduled at this time.  Kindergarten 2021 children’s orientation school activities remain on hold until further notice.  We will be establishing an online Orientation Program outlined below.

  •  A virtual tour will be available on the Berry Public School website very soon. If required, personal tours can be arranged by contacting the school.
  •  A closed Facebook group for Kindergarten 2021 families is being launched for news and updates.
  • Our Website will be updated with lots of Kindergarten 2021 transition information and news for those who do not subscribe to Facebook.
  •  Information sessions for parents and carers will be held via Zoom (an online video stream). We will support you through this and ensure this information is available to all families.
  •  School Stream App will have regular updates

Thank you to all the parents and carers who have completed their child’s enrolment forms online.  If you are yet to complete the online enrolment form you can visit our Website at  Once the enrolment form has been completed we are required to sight the following original documentation;

  •  Birth Certificate or Passport
  •  Immunisation Status
  • Proof of Residence.

In light of the recent change in school operations due to COVID 19, we ask that you hold off presenting these until further notice. The school will advise you of when we can arrange for these documents to be presented.

If you need help with completing the enrolment or you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us on 4464 1158 or email the office, Jo, Megan, Mandy or Kerrie will be more than happy to assist in anyway they can. More information can also be found on the NSW Department of Education starting school site.

Starting Kindergarten is a very exciting time for everyone!