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Meet the Team

At Berry Public School, we take immense pride in fostering a learning environment that caters to the unique needs of every student. Our commitment to educational excellence is exemplified through our renowned Learning Support Program. Tailored to embrace diversity and individual learning styles, this program is designed to empower every student, ensuring they reach their full potential.

At the heart of Berry Public School's success is a dedicated team of experienced educators who passionately believe in the transformative power of education. Our Learning Support Program goes beyond traditional approaches, incorporating innovative teaching methods, personalised attention, and cutting-edge resources to address the diverse academic needs of our students.

Our team consists of a Learning and Support Teacher, School Counsellor, Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction and a group of excellent School Learning and Support Officers (SLSOs). This team works closely with students, parents, teaching staff and the school principal. 

Meet the Team: 

Learning Support Teacher:

Sue McIntosh is our amazing Learning Support Teacher, she has been working at Berry Public School for over 25 years. Over this time she has developed countless programs, worked with hundreds of students needing support and outstandingly organsied the planning and running of the Learning Support Team. 

Sue has been the driving force for alot of the quality educational programs that we run at Berry, specifically in the space of Literacy and Numeracy, and targeted individual programs for students needing additional support in areas of learning. 

She has also been an integral part of leading Berry to become high achievers in the space around student wellbeing. The work that has been done in this space led us to be recognised as having the 'Best Student Wellbeing Program' in Australia. 

Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction (APC&I): 

Jessy Brewin is our Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction at Berry Public School, she has been apart of the team since 2021. 

This is is a new role that was implemented by the Department of Education in 2021. The role is multifaceted and is centred around the leaderships of effective, evidence-informed literacy and numeracy teaching and assessment practices. Within this is working closely with the Learning Support Team to write and review programs, attend LST meetings, applying for funding and doing funding reviews for students with intergration funding support (IFS). 

Jessy has been working closely with Sue and the rest of the team to do an amazing job at securing funding for those students who require extra support. 


School Learning and Support Officers (SLSOs):

At Berry Public School we have a large group of fantastic School Learning Support Officers (SLSOs) who work seemlessly in the classrooms, with students and classroom teachers, to provide students with additional learning support that is needed to help them achieve. Some of our SLSOs have been working to support Berry students for close to 25 years!

The SLSO role is to provide support for students with identified diverse learning needs including disability in classrooms and other learning environments under the direction and supervision of a teacher to support the achievement of educational outcomes. 

We are so lucky at Berry to have SLSOs that are able to provide a students with a wealth of experience from their individual backgrounds, experiences, qualifications and various university degrees. We also have a number of SLSOs who are working with us while studying to be teachers, these SLSOs go on to be amazing, empathetic and highly skilled professionals, confidently supporting students with additional needs within their classrooms.