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Student health and safety

We are committed to ensuring a safe and happy environment for your child.

The Berry Way

'The Berry Way' is the phrase used to remind everyone in our school community of the core values and behaviours which underpin our positive school culture.

Be You

Our school has implemented the Be You framework as a focus area of our strategic plan. 

Be You is an Australian mental health and well-being initiative. It’s a framework that allows our school to take care of children's mental health needs by:

  • creating positive school and early childhood communities
  • teaching children skills for good social and emotional development
  • working together with families
  • recognising and getting help for children with mental health problems.

For more information visit the Be You website. 

We support your child’s health and safety through a range of strategies including:

For more information, visit the student wellbeing section of the department’s website.

Like all NSW public schools, we promote the healthy development of students through:

  • school programs and practices that protect and promote health and safety
  • supporting individual students who need help with health issues
  • providing first aid and temporary care of students who become unwell or who have an accident at school.

Student wellbeing

Like all NSW public schools, we provide safe learning and teaching environments to encourage healthy, happy, successful and productive students.

The department is committed to creating quality learning opportunities for children and young people. These opportunities support wellbeing through positive and respectful relationships and fostering a sense of belonging to the school and community.

The Wellbeing Framework for Schools helps schools support the cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development of students and allows them to connect, succeed and thrive throughout their education.

Recognition for our Commitment to the Wellbeing of our Students

Berry Public School was recognised at the 2019 Education Week Awards with an Executive Director's Award for its significant contribution to achieving the strategic goals of NSW Department of Education.

Berry Public School was recognised at the 2019 Education Week Awards with an Executive Director's Award for its significant contribution to achieving the strategic goals of NSW Department of Education.


The citation for the award is below.......


Berry Public School.

 This award recognises the outstanding commitment of Berry Public School staff, students and parents working in partnership to achieve the key strategic direction of the school plan: to provide a comprehensive and inclusive wellbeing framework and advance parent and community partnerships to further strengthen the positive school culture known as “The Berry Way”.


The School Culture Team and P&C have led the implementation of a wide range of integrated programs that promote and enhance student wellbeing and resilience, reduce bullying, and ensure EVERY student at Berry Public School is known, valued and cared for.


The successful strategies have included:

- Professional learning for all staff focused on mental health, resilience and effective support for students;

- Providing a voice to students, parents and teachers through annual surveys and focus groups, followed by detailed data analysis by the team;

- Reframing the school rules as “The Berry Way” to reflect the core values of the community and ensuring visual presentation throughout the school and in all classrooms;

- Aligning the celebration and recognition of student progress and achievements with “The Berry Way”, including new reporting on student social and emotional outcomes.

- An annual “Be You” Celebration Day to explicitly focus on teaching core values and associated behaviours and expectations;

- A tailored K-6 wellbeing and resilience curriculum;

- An enhanced Peer Leaders Support Program;

- Playground Buddy Seats;

- Providing a wealth of support, information and resources about resilience, wellbeing and anti-bullying strategies for parents on the school website and social media;

- A 'ParentsMatter' program to support parents, including workshops facilitated by world renowned experts such as Maggie Dent;

- 'The Fathering Project' which has seen an exponential rise in the engagement and connection of families through events targeted at fathers and father figures.

- The “Flourish Movement” with Dr Adam Fraser to enhance staff wellbeing.

The School and P&C are worthy recipients of this award in recognition of their outstanding work, and the positive impact on the entire school community.