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2019 Public Speaking Grand Final

28 Jun 2019

Brilliant Public Speaking Grand Final

Congratulations to all students who participated in the 2019 BPS Public Speaking competition.  Today saw the top 6 students from each grade compete in our school finals and every one of them performed beautifully and they should feel very proud of their achievements.

Here is just a very small snippet of the placegetters favourite line from their speech.


Year 6

1st Place:  Jarvis Turk – Technology in 2100.  I presented a speech on Technology in 2100, covering topics from holograms to Robot teachers.

2nd Place: Leo Gallenca – Medieval vs Modern Medicine.  “In the medieval times mercury and arsenic were believed to cure sickness”

3rd Place: Pia Dezarnaulds – Why kids should be able to march for climate.  I hope that after my speech the audience will agree that students marching for climate represents an important learning experience and a valuable contribution to the fight for a sustainable future for our planet.

Year 5

1st Place: Will Page – Colour.  “Colour is all around us and just imagine a world without colour.”

2nd Place: Liam Chaplin – Climate Change.  “Climate change is endangering the survival of the earth”.  I presented my speech on what climate change is, what it’s affects are and how we can stop it.

3rd Place: Alicia Healey – Lollies. “The worlds largest lollypop weighted four and a half full grown horses!”

Year 4

1st Place: Finlay Noonan – Why Dads are so Weird. “My Dad is weird, there’s no doubt”.

2nd Place: Summer Craig – My Ideal Holiday.  "I recently went on an overseas holiday to England, however, it was far from my idea trip.  That got me thinking, what would my ideal holiday be like?  How would I travel? A time machine or private jet?  Who would I go with? Family, friends or teachers?"

3rd Place: Reuben Turk – Deadly snakes of Australia.  “Australia has over 170 species of land snakes”.

Year 3

1st Place: Toby Rootham – Five ways to test if your friends are actually your friends.  “Do they celebrate your achievements? Can you discuss nonsense all say long and never get sick of it?  Are they honest with you?  Do they laugh at you jokes even if they are not funny?  Do they allow you to be yourself?”

2nd Place: Ivy Armstrong – My dog Sonny.  “Well I think I’m a dog, but I also think I’m a human”.

3rd Place: Miranda Danswan – Why you should never litter.  “It’s important that we keep Australia beautiful by not littering.  We need to do this for ourselves, our animals and our future”.


A huge thank you to our performers who were also amazing!


As always our captains were superb, as were our sound crew and audience.


Thanks again to our judges Sandra Groom, Haseena Tweddle and Rick Gainford for their enthusiastic and skilful adjudication.